char-broiled steak
with chunky chimichurri

We’ve been getting an unusual amount of sunshine this winter, so last week my friends and I decided to head to the park for some barbecue and outdoor games.

For the steak I took some chuck and hard-seared it on a grill that we dropped all the way down so that it sat directly on the coals. It’s seasoned with salt and pepper, and then brushed with a glaze made from soy sauce, dijon, brown sugar, and orange juice.

The trick for an even pinkness is to flip the meat very often so the core temperature can’t ever get too hot. You probably won’t be able to achieve that generic cross-hatch grill mark look, but I think that’s so played out anyway, so let’s just forget about it altogether.

I prefer my chimichurri chunky and hand-chopped. Some restaurants blend all the ingredients together until it turns into a diarrhea-like substance. I’m good off that.