Straight forward, good food. Ad hoc demonstrates a simple approach to cooking. The best way to describe it would be, how a chef would prepare a meal at home for his family and friends. Very little manipulation is done to the ingredients, some of which are grown right outside in the restaurants own garden.

ad hoc was originally intended as a temporary restaurant, opened in the interim, until Thomas Keller would actually use the space for another concept. However, this temporary restaurant became so popular, that it became a permanent fixture in Yountville.

The Menu

Roncal Sheep’s Milk Cheese & St. Supery Star Thistle Honey
with celery and pickled garlic relish

The French Laundry Garden Mixed Green Salad
with shaved torpedo onions, spiced cashews, d’avignon radishes, yellow nectarines, and banyul’s vinaigrette

Colorado Lamb Ribeye
with summer squash, bulb fennel, & sweet carrots

Butterball Potatoes
poached in red wine