I love how I'm still learning new ways of preparing really basic cuisine from just about anyone. That's the great thing about classics like lasagna--everybody loves it, and everybody has their own personal take on it. Here's Chef Matheson's meat-loaded version. The takeaways for me :

  • Egg yolks thicken and emulsify sauce. Prevents it from breaking.
  • Use GIANT slabs of mozzarella. Cause it's delicious.

In the latest How-To, Matty Matheson shows us how to make a Garfield-approved, guaranteed-to-get-you-laid beef lasagna. This recipe is so good, Matty thinks it should be adapted as the standard lasagna recipe for Italians worldwide. (Shots fired!) Don't waste your time with goopy tomato sauce-instead, focus on making the perfect meat sludge to layer between the noodles and massive amounts of mozzarella cheese.