When the savory courses were over, they asked us to move to the bar. First of all--look at this place:

So moderne it warrants an extra 'e'.

While the bar was preparing our drinks, we were served the dessert course, which was an assault on all the senses. Each one consisting of only one or two bites.


pina colada tablet

On the outside is a thin shell of coconut. Bite into it and a syrup of pineapple rum oozes out. It's like a pina colada Gusher, but with a brittle exterior instead of a gummy one.

sable bon bon

A hybrid of a sable and a chocolate bon bon. It had the same effect as the tablet; an explosive detonation on the palate.


Okay...so, another exploding dessert. You might think it gets old after awhile--but no--IT DOESN'T.

lava rock chocolate

This was the last bite of the meal. The chocolate was dense, but it had so many air pockets in it that it felt very light. As you chew on it, all the layers collapse--it's like you can almost feel every single air pocket caving in simultaneously. This textural sensation was completely new to me. Very cool.


I wish I could remember our bartender's name cause she was so awesome. She asked us what we wanted and we told her she could make whatever she felt like, as long as she told a story with every drink. Actually...I don't remember most of the drinks either. I simply had too many that night. I just know they were very, very masterful. The best bartending experience I'd ever had.

Here she is explaining one of her drinks:

The best part is when she says, "Thanks, man!"

There's a couple more videos, but I'm talking a lot in all of them, and I am not sober at all.

Just when we thought we were done, an egg shows up. Just one between the both of us. Standing perfectly upright. My Chef and I look at each other with an expression that says, "are we...supposed to split this...egg?"

I reach for it, but before I can grab it, the bartender snatches it from my hand and slams it on the table.

Inside? The check.

Ugh, I hated how awesome this was...You know when David Blaine goes to the ghetto and busts out an amazing magic trick, and everyone just takes the hell off in every direction? I felt like doing that.

As we were finishing up the Chef came out to see how we were doing and asked if we would like a picture with the staff.

What a great night.