Ramen freshly dipped in TCHO chocolate.

Had a great ice cream sandwich at State Bird Provisions and couldn't get it out of my mind. The next day, while eating ramen, I had an idea...

TCHO chocolate - filipino sea salt - vanilla ice cream - mama ramen

The Chocolate-Dipped Ramen & Ice Cream Sandwich

I whipped this up today using MaMa's Tom Yum flavored ramen. It's gotta be the kind that's been deep-fried, not par-fried like Maruchan or most Korean brands. Those tend to be chalky. So, you take the uncooked ramen and split it in half length-wise (there's a hinge that you can break open). Dip it in coating chocolate and sprinkle it with some very coarse sea salt; I used Filipino sea salt.

Or you can get fancy and do this shit:

Gold flake for absolutely no reason--is the best reason.

The ramen on its own is a pretty good chocolate bar. It's like a chocolate covered pretzel only way crispier, crunchier. With the ice cream it's just simply very good. Honestly, nothing mind-blowing, but delicious nonetheless. I think this idea is going places. I don't know where, but places...

via culinary-workshop.com