Valentine's is synonymous with chocolate and flowers. We wanted to open up the meal this way, but with a savory twist. The chocolate candy is supposed to resemble a mole, and the flowers are to be eaten afterwards to hit the refreshing cilantro notes.

chocolate & flowers | edible cilantro bouquet - mole yam chocolate - sour cream - sea salt

i ♥ salad | cranberry dusted rhutabaga - hearts of palm - artichoke hearts - lettuce hearts - hearts on fire

A salad of all food pertaining to hearts. The dressing is a vanilla cream & mint oil. Frozen blood orange, creamy ricotta, and Jenna's granola finish the dish.

red | truegrass ribe-eye - beet demi - cabernaise - caramelized beets - beet greens

raspberry rose cream soda | fresh raspberry puree - carbonated rose water - whipped vanilla bean cream

heart's desire | elderflower marshmallow - melted salted caramel - passion fruit habanero push pop - satsuma coconut truffle

The meal ended with Jenna's beautiful spread of desserts pictured above. Aside from its artistry, each component of this dish was perfect, my favorite being the elderflower marshmallow that was made from both the flowers, and the berries from the same plant.