We don't often repeat our dishes, but the edible garden continues to resurface, perhaps because it's so pretty that it's hard not to show it off. We've changed its presentation over time to keep it interesting.

Most of the vegetables are blanched in heavily salted water in a very large pot. You want a large pot to prevent the vegetables you’re adding to the hot water from decreasing the temperature too much. The hotter the water, the quicker vegetables cook, and the greener they stay.

The cromesquis is made of eggs scrambled with gelatin and cream cheese in a thermal mix, heated just enough so that the gelatin can melt. They were then poured into a mold, frozen, breaded, and fried. It acts as sauce when broken into.

The vinaigrette is made from a vegetable stock that has been reduced significantly. It’s then whisked with arbequina olive oil, a touch of black truffle oil, and a splash of champagne vinegar. It’s a very savory and not so acidic vinaigrette.


edible garden
seasonal vegetables - edible soil - spinach moss - truffled egg cromesque - vegetable jus vinaigrette


seasonal vegetables
egg cromesque
vegetable jus vinaigrette
edible soil

  • dehydrated olives
  • dehydrated portabello gills
  • grapenuts
  • black sesame seeds